Free-Range Eggs
Free-Range Eggs
Free-Range Eggs
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Free-Range Eggs
Free-Range Eggs
Free-Range Eggs

Free-Range Eggs

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100% Herbal Hen Feed

UV Sanitized

11 Safety Checks

Chemical Free

1 Day Farm Fresh Eggs



One Day Fresh: Fresh eggs are our top-most priority. Eggoz delivers one day fresh eggs to you. We promise quality, health, and unparalleled flavour with freshness in every egg produced.

Herbal Hen Fed: We prefer 100% herbal hen feed like corn, groundnut, bajra, soybean, marigold, turmeric, etc that provide bright orange yolk and multiple nutrients.

11 Safety Checks: Every Eggoz egg undergoes 11 rigorous safety inspections such as shell integrity tests, interior candling, freshness and a thorough cleaning and grading process.

Local Farm Fresh: We source eggs directly from local farms. This ensures that every Eggoz egg has the authentic taste of farm freshness.

What Our Customers Say

You'll see the difference between Ordinary eggs vs. Eggoz eggs in the first use of itself. Their packaging is super clean and needless to say, the Eggoz eggs are really tasty compared to normal eggs.


I usually prefer Organic Eggs. As Eggoz Eggs have no human touch and are cleaned property, it was a major reason I switched to EGGOZ Nutrition.

Nikhil Chawla

I've tried Eggoz Eggs. They are one of the best eggs available in the market. I use Eggs in making an omelet or any other dish. Also, these eggs don't smell. Keep going.

Shweta Pal


What nutritional benefits do Eggoz Nutra Plus eggs offer?

Eggoz Nutra Plus Eggs are rich in essential nutrients such as Omega-3 fatty acids, as well as vitamins D, E, and B12, which support heart health, bone strength, immune function, and energy levels. Additionally, these eggs undergo 11 safety checks to ensure optimal hygiene.

How can I buy Eggoz Nutra Plus packs online?

Ordering eggs from us is super easy. Simply visit our website, choose from our wide range of one-day-fresh free-range eggs, add them to your cart, and proceed to checkout.

Is there any benefit to subscribing to Eggoz Nutrition?

Our subscription policy is designed to offer you convenience and savings. It's flexible, allowing you to choose from 4 weeks, 8 weeks, or 16 weeks to receive regular egg deliveries to your doorstep.

What payment options are accepted at Eggoz Nutrition’s website?

Eggoz Nutrition accepts a wide range of payment options, including UPI, debit and credit cards to ensure a smooth purchasing experience of our free range eggs.

How does Eggoz Nutrition ensure bright orange yolk in eggs?

The bright orange yolks of our eggs are due to the nutritious feed given to the hens roaming around the farm, including corn, millets, and turmeric and more that makes bright orange yolks for better nutrition.

How does Eggoz Nutrition maintain the freshness of free-range eggs?

Eggoz Nutrition ensures that all varieties of eggs, including free-range eggs, are delivered one day fresh, following stringent 11 safety checks. Our commitment to freshness and quality is unmatched, ensuring that you receive only the best eggs.

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