How Eggoz Hatched?

A startup founded by three friends with an IIT Kharagpur background, who recognized the loopholes in the entire egg industry in India - where eggs are not as nutritious and chemicals are used in poultry feed. For them, it presented an opportunity to solve the problems with egg protein and organize the sector. With this vision and mission, Eggoz Nutrition started its journey in 2017 with its first poultry farm in Bihar, and since then, we have been constantly delivering our farm-fresh eggs. Now our aim is to expand our brand to every nook and corner of the country.

Meet Our Founders

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    Abhishek Negi

  • sdfvfsafs_wpSL.png

    Aditya Singh

  • untitleddesign13_YkWM.png

    Uttam Kumar

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Orange Yolk = Better Nutrition

At Eggoz, we're always egg-cited about providing the best quality eggs! 🥚 Our eggs aren't just farm-fresh; they're practically bouncin' with vibrant orange yolks rich in lutein, Vitamin D, and A. From Momoz to Burger Patties, we're crackin' the egg game with innovative treats. And our top priority is safety! Our eggs go through a whopping 11 safety checks – now that's what we call egg-cellence! Plus, we're not just about eggs; we're about making a sunny-side-up difference in the lives of rural farmers, all while keeping it green with reduced emissions. So, join us on this egg-citing journey to make India a protein-positive nation!
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