Farm to Plate


Seedhe Farm Se!

“Seedha Farm se super market and aapki plate tak, hamare ande ka safar kuch khaas hai.” Happy chickens lay happy eggs; thus, our eggs are joyous, nutritious, and tasty! So without delay, let us take you with us on a journey from farm to fresh.


Bio-Monitored Farms for Hens

The wonderful journey of our ‘andaa’ begins at our bio-monitored, modern farms. Our hens live in ideal conditions, with perfect humidity, temperature, and ammonia levels, just like a poultry paradise.

100% Herbal Nutrition

The hens enjoy a 100% herbal diet comprising grains like corn, rice, and soybeans, enriched with turmeric and marigold for high-quality egg yolks.

Laying Eggs  (Well, White or Brown)

In farms dedicated to food safety, the eggs are laid. Each egg is monitored in a clean environment, ready for its way to your breakfast plate.

Quality from Nest to Best

Every Eggoz egg undergoes 11 quality checks, including freshness, shell integrity tests, interior candling, and a thorough cleaning and grading process.

Warehouse Quality Control

In warehouse, eggs are tested for pH and other quality metrics, recorded meticulously, and transported in monitored conditions for peak freshness.