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White Eggs

White Eggs

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100% Herbal Hen Feed

UV Sanitized

11 Safety Checks

Chemical Free

1 Day Farm Fresh Eggs



One Day Fresh: Fresh eggs are our top-most priority. Eggoz delivers one day fresh eggs to you. We promise quality, health, and unparalleled flavour with freshness in every egg produced.
Herbal Hen Fed: We prefer 100% herbal hen feed like corn, groundnut, bajra, soybean, marigold, turmeric, etc that provide bright orange yolk and multiple nutrients.
11 Safety Checks: Every Eggoz egg undergoes 11 rigorous safety inspections such as shell integrity tests, interior candling, freshness and a thorough cleaning and grading process.
Local Farm Fresh: We source eggs directly from local farms. This ensures that every Eggoz egg has the authentic taste of farm freshness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the nutritional benefits of white eggs?

Eggoz Nutrition's white eggs contain high-quality protein, vitamins D, B12, and E, along with essential nutrients like amino acids, selenium, and choline necessary for overall health. With our Herbal Fed Hens and the 11 Safety Checks, each egg ensures you receive the best nutritional benefits.

What is the minimum order I can opt for eggs on a website?

At Eggoz Nutrition, the minimum order for our one-day fresh eggs is a range of 6 eggs, ensuring the best quality.

Why should you subscribe to Eggoz Nutrition? 

Our subscription service provides the best prices and the convenience of regular deliveries of farm-fresh eggs, all after multiple hygiene checks.

What payment options are available on Eggoz Nutrition?

We offer a seamless shopping experience with a variety of payment methods, including UPI, debit and credit cards, and other convenient options.

What makes Eggoz Nutrition’s egg yolk bright orange?

Eggoz Nutrition's egg yolk is enriched with highly nutritious content such as carotenoids and choline, derived from hens fed a diet of 100% Herbal hen feed, including groundnut, corn, marigold, and more. With no smell and zero chemicals, our eggs stand out from the rest in India.

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