"Ever wondered where your breakfast egg comes from and 
what stories it might tell?" At EGGOZ, every egg has a tale of 
innovation, care, and community. Birthed from a vision to 
intertwine unparalleled nutrition with farmer prosperity, 
we have pioneered a revolution in the egg industry. 
With state-of-the-art technology ensuring each egg's 
pristine environment and an unwavering commitment to rural 
farmers, EGGOZ is not just a brand but a commitment to freshness, 
quality, and a better tomorrow. Welcome to the world of 
Eggoz - where our eggs are more than just breakfast. 
They are stories of dedication, innovation, and pure love 
for nourishment.  

Sold 2 Crore Eggs So Far
Available in 15+ States in India
Years Of Experience

Cracking the Beginning

Eggoz began as a small family farm, driven by a singular vision: to offer eggs that are not merely a dietary staple but an enriching experience. We believe every egg has a universe of flavours, textures, and nutrition waiting to be unleashed. At Eggoz, we decided it was time this unsung hero got the spotlight it deserved. Born from a blend of passion, curiosity, and a penchant for perfection, Eggoz emerged as a brand that revolutionizes your everyday egg experience.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be at the heart of every kitchen, every breakfast table, and every memory that's associated with delicious, wholesome eggs. We envision a world where every meal begins with trust - trust in the quality, source, and taste

Our Mission

At EGGOZ, our path is clear: to redefine the egg industry's standards by prioritizing the health of our customers and the prosperity of farmers. Every egg we deliver embodies our promise of purity and nutrition.

Our Value

We champion two intertwined ideals: optimal nutrition for our customers and prosperity for our farmers. This delicate balance drives every decision, innovation, and stride we make

Our Happy Hens Make All the Difference

Behind the smooth shell of every Eggoz egg lies the secret of our success: our cherished flock of hens. Raised with love, care and under the most ethical conditions, our hens are the stars of the Eggoz family. A happy hen is productive, and we ensure they are just that – with spacious coops, balanced diets, and regular health check-ups. In return, they gift us the freshest, most flavorful eggs you have ever tasted!

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What Our Customers Say?

You'll see the difference between Ordinary eggs vs. Eggoz eggs in the first use of itself. Their packaging is super clean and needless to say, the Eggoz eggs are really tasty compared to normal eggs.